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2017 statement

I am intrigued by the aspects of organic and geometric shapes, both found in facets in nature and everyday life.  Through my oil painting work, I provoke interest by leaving them “incomplete” or “unfinished,” causing the viewer to complete the portrait from their imagination or wonder about the other features.  I utilize my skills to paint realism over a more geometric background, bringing harmony to my pieces by the use of organic and geometric balance. 

In my mixed media work I enjoy using unconventional materials to create curiously unexpected compositions.  The viewer is caused to look closer and analyze every part of my piece in order to understand, visualize, interpret and see the entirety of it.  Much of my mixed media work also incorporates aspects of geometry and organicity, involving hard, sharp shapes with lighter ones.

I utilize my hands immensely during my creative process which gives me a connection to every piece.  The viewer can see the effort my hands have put into my art and the passion and creativity that went behind every piece.  I create pieces that require immense amounts of time and energy to push myself and my skills.  I am constantly improving my artistic abilities, and through my art the viewer can see the labor, inspiration, and work behind each one.

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